Owner contracts with a professional Construction Manager to coordinate and manage the project.  The Construction Manager generally receives a fee to manage, coordinate, and supervise the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction.  Work must be performed in a timely manner and on an economic basis.

Cissell Mueller Featured Project

Boys & Girls Club
St. Charles, MO
29,000 s.f. new community center

Cissell Mueller understands the bottom line matters.

We take the time to understand your goals and elevate communication among players. With our wide variety of resources and cost efficient planning solutions your quality project will be built ON TIME, ON BUDGET, and proudly stamped ‘BUILT BY CISSELL MUELLER’ upon completion.

  • Our construction management capabilities and services include:

    > Conceptual design assistance

    > Site, excavation, grading, paving

    > Environmental Assessment and Remediation Management

    > Secure Permitting, Zoning Approvals and Utility Services

    > Electrical Contracting

    > Mechanical Contracting

    > Concrete and foundation work

    > Equipment procurement and installation

    > Erection and installation of canopies and dispensers

    > Project Management

    > Budget Development and Value Engineering

    > Proven flexibility and capacity to build a large number of projects in multiple states simultaneous

General Contacting
Construction Management
Design Build
Built By CM