Commercial Facility Construction

Proudly Built by Cissell Mueller

Commercial Facility Construction

Commercial construction involves designing, renovating, and constructing a leasable space for a business tenant. The building requirements here are heavily oriented around occupant safety and cross-functionality of the space. CMCI regularly builds these spaces, with commercial being our predominant and most seasoned segment of construction.

Cissell Mueller Construction has completed the construction of two bank buildings for us in the past 24 months. Each branch held its own specific design and feel that Cissell Mueller was able to carry out during the construction process. The Cissell Mueller team became part of our team to build the perfect branch for the market. Multiple planning meetings were held prior to construction that continued throughout the construction process to discuss specific details and alterations to plans. Every necessary change was supposed by a cost estimate to help decision the change. The Cissell Mueller team took the time to learn about our business and built a building to support our mission."

Bridget Browning, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Information Officer

"Our ability to translate government and safety regulations gives us an edge. Experience counts. Communities depend on them, we build the facilities they need."

Cissell Mueller Construction, Inc.