Cissell Mueller’s Successful Completion of Magic Mini Golf in The Loop, STL

The attraction features 18 holes of miniature golf, two shuffleboard courts, a Ferris wheel, pinball, and basketball arcade games, as well as food, drinks, and a stage for live entertainment.

Developer Joe Edwards is a fan of anything nostalgic, bringing people together through evocative spaces filled with memorabilia. Edwards’ newest attraction, Magic Mini Golf (6160 Delmar), which opened this month, brings the same sentimental vibe to the Delmar Loop and features attractions that anyone can enjoy.

The Concept

“I like creating social places where you don’t have to be great at a sport to enjoy it,” Edwards says, “like darts at Blueberry Hill or bowling at Pin-Up Bowl. I just like creating experiences.”

While dreaming up the new space, Edwards envisioned a space similar to his previous projects, inspired by nostalgic games, where all types of people could get together. “A place where people can enjoy themselves and put their troubles behind them for a couple hours, whether it’s a date night or grandparents and grandkids or a business group,” Edwards says.

The Attractions

The 9,500-square-foot all-seasons venue features 18 holes of miniature golf designed by artist Andy Cross, two full-size shuffleboard courts, a five-car Ferris wheel, pinball, and basketball arcade games, as well as food, a full bar, and a stage for live entertainment or private events.

Of course, Magic Mini Golf also features plenty of magic: The walls are filled with magical memorabilia that Edwards has collected over the years. “All these magic posters I’ve collected all my life—all the décor, hopefully, will knock people’s socks off.” Edwards says.

If that’s not enough, Magic Mini Golf also features a 27-foot-tall animated, neon sign that will light up the Delmar Loop. The colorful sign, featuring a man and woman playing mini golf, was designed by Edwards and his daughter, Hope, and it was constructed by David Hutson from Neon Times. The sign recently earned Hope and Joe Edwards a 2023 Signs of the Times Magazine contest award in the Best Outside Design/Shop Fabrication Illuminated category.

“It was really important for me to, in a subtle way, let everyone feel welcome,” Edwards says. “I told my daughter that I want the design of the man to be a combination of Chi-Chi Rodríguez and Tiger Woods; I want people of every ethnicity to feel welcome in the Delmar Loop. When people see his smile and her smile, I think they’re going to feel welcome.”

The Venue

Edwards also put a lot of thought into the overall design of the building. He worked with Kiku Obata & Company to design the two-story building, which he wanted to “complement and fit in with the neighborhood.”

Another major noteworthy attraction at the new venue is the Magic Chapel, which allows people to host weddings inside Magic Mini Golf. With a stage, projector, seating, and games, Edwards promises it is the most magical wedding location in St. Louis, particularly for relatively small weddings. “It could be four or 40 people, but [it is] for people who want to get married and have a fun time without a lot of extra effort,” Edwards says. “All of the staff [is] ordained. [We] have a big projector screen behind the wedding chapel area for photos or whatever they want. I’ve always thought we need something like this in St. Louis.”

Ticket prices, as well as wedding event details and prices, can be found on Magic Mini Golf’s website.

This article has been updated from an earlier version.