How Cissell Mueller’s Natural Gas Fueling Solutions empowers the future of clean energy infrastructure

In the ever-evolving landscape of clean energy, Cissell Mueller Construction, Inc. is at the forefront of innovation, driving the future of clean energy infrastructure with its dedicated business unit, Natural Gas Fueling Solutions (NGFS). Formed more than 11 years ago, NGFS has established itself as a trusted constructor of high-pressure fueling systems, specializing in compressed natural gas and liquid natural gas, and hydrogen gas infrastructure.

Comprehensive fueling solutions

NGFS are experts in installing comprehensive fueling solutions, secured and heavy duty equipment installations such as compressors, cryogenic pumps, pressure vessels, valve manifolds, desiccant driers, control and distribution panels, fire monitoring systems, fueling canopies and dispensers, up to fleet-sized time-fill operations. With this expertise, NGFS collaborates with other industry leaders who provide the technology for a wide range of applications.

Early adopters

An exemplification of NGFS’s achievements is their recent accomplishment in Romeoville, Illinois. Here, the company deployed a two-compressor system in a secured outdoor area adjacent to the building and parking lot. This system offers two services: fast-fill for the public, akin to a standard gas station experience, and time-fill, a process that efficiently refuels a fleet of parked vehicles overnight.

NGFS has also been instrumental in pioneering the installation of some of the country’s first private point-of-use hydrogen electrolyzers, showcasing their commitment to being early adopters of new technology. A “point-of-use” hydrogen electrolyzer, as opposed to a hydrogen electrolysis plant which mass produces hydrogen product gas, is where a company that wants to have hydrogen on hand, without needing to transport it in on tube trucks or gas canisters, can produce hydrogen on-site, then use it immediately.

Built on integrity and transparent communication

Customers receive professional attention and timely communication from NGFS’s highly experienced project team. Licensed in 43 states, NGFS has cultivated strong partnerships with electrical, mechanical and civil contractors nationwide, enabling them to consistently deliver work of the highest quality. Their commitment to doing things the right way leaves no room for compromise.

Forward-thinking and ahead of the curve

Labor and supply shortages as well as inflation can drive up project costs and affect timing. Cissell Mueller Construction, Inc. combines strategic use of technology with the team’s high level of skill and experience to create real value for customers.

The company’s knowledgeable consultants and state-of-the-art construction monitoring and drone surveying techniques help to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Electronic construction documents are easily accessible to project members via PCs, tablets and mobile phones, streamlining collaboration and enhancing project transparency.

Looking toward the future, Cissell Mueller’s NGFS envisions installing gigawatt-level installations, acting as a leader for the adoption of future fuels on a continental and global scale. Their unwavering commitment to clean energy infrastructure and their relentless pursuit of innovation make NGFS a trusted partner for businesses and organizations ready to embrace the clean energy revolution.

NGFS stands ready to serve the clean energy infrastructure sector. With an excellent history of safety, quality, project performance and customer satisfaction, NGFS is the partner of choice for clean energy developers. Together, let’s build a brighter future.


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